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BeagleBoard Documentation

Welcome to the BeagleBoard project documentation. If you are looking for help with your Beagle open-hardware development platform, you’ve found the right place!


The Foundation is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing open hardware computing solutions for a community of makers, educators and professionals that enable rapid prototyping without barriers to creating real-world embedded systems. The Foundation supports the BeagleBoard community through efforts like developing this documentation.


Get started quickly on our Linux-enabled boards with Blink LED, follow-up with articles in An Introduction to Beagles, and reach out via resources on our Support page as needed to resolve issues and engage with the developer community. Don’t forget that this is an open-source project! Your contributions are welcome. Learn about how to contribute to the BeagleBoard documentation project and any of the many open-source Beagle projects ongoing on our Contribution page.


This is where you will find the System Reference Manuals (SRMs) for all of the boards.

All Beagles are open-hardware with documentation on the design, including the materials to modify the designs from source using appropriate design tools.



BeagleConnect™ Freedom


BeagleBone® AI-64






BeagleBone® Black


BeagleBone® Black Industrial


BeagleBone® Black Wireless


BeagleBone® AI




BeagleBone® Blue



BeagleBone® Servo Cape


BeagleBone® Fan Cape


BeagleBone® Robotics Cape


BeagleBone® Relay Cape


BeagleBone® Proto Cape


BeagleBone® Power Cape


BeagleBone® Load Cape


BeagleBone® Motor Cape


BeagleBone® Comms Cape


BeagleBone® GamePup Cape


BeagleBone® Grove Kit


BeagleBone® TechLab Cape



A number of software projects, like simpPRU exist to help Beagle developers. Some developers choose to host documentation for their Projects .


This project hosts a collection of open-source Books books written to help Beagle developers.


This is a list of curated hardware accessories tested thouroghly with BeagleBone hardware. The list is growing with support of volunteers like you. Checkout Accessories page for more information.

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