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Cable assemblies and sub-assemblies

Beware; purchased pre-made connector assembly wire colors may not reflect true pin designations. These assemblies are readily available from Digi-Key, SparkFun, Hobby King, Pololu and Cables and Connectors.

JST Connector Bundle

Renaissance Robotics JST Jumper Bundle

Four of the 2-pin JST ZH (1.5mm pitch) connectors, with 150mm 28AWG wires, for motors,
Eight of the 4-pin JST SH (1mm pitch) connectors, with 150mm 28AWG wires, for encoders, UART, I2C, CAN, PWR, and
Four of the 6-pin JST SH (1mm pitch) connectors, with 150mm 28AWG wires, for SPI, GPS, GPIO, ADC.

Conrad BeagleBoard Kabel BB-Blue-Kabelset

10x 4-Pin JST-SH
6x 6-Pin JST-SH
4x 2-Pin JST-ZH
1x 3-Pin JST-ZH


2-wire JST-ZH (1.5mm pitch)


3-wire JST-ZH (1.5mm pitch)




2S1P LiPo with 3-wire JST-XH (2.5mm pitch) charge connection

Power supplies

12V with 5.5mm/2.1mm center positive

USB devices

SPI devices

Bluetooth devices