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Quick Start

What’s included in the box?

When you purchase a brand new BeagleV-Fire, In the box you’ll get:


add image & information about box content.


Tethering to PC

To connect BeagleV-Fire board to PC via USB Type C receptacle you need a USB type C cable. Connection guide for the same is shown below:


To get a USB type C cable you can checkout links below:

  1. USB C cable 0.3m (mouser)

  2. USB C cable 1.83m (digikey)

BeagleV-Fire tethered connection

Fig. 253 BeagleV-Fire tethered connection

Flashing eMMC

Flash the latest image on eMMC

Access UART debug console

To access a BeagleV-Fire serial debug console you can connected a USB to UART to your board as shown below:

BeagleV-Fire UART debug port connection

Fig. 254 BeagleV-Fire UART debug port connection

To see the board boot log and access your BeagleV-Fire’s console you can use application like tio to access the console. If you are using Linux your USB to UART converter may appear as /dev/ttyUSB. It will be different for Mac and Windows operatig systems. To find serial port for your system you can checkout this guide.

[lorforlinux@fedora ~] $ tio /dev/ttyUSB0
tio v2.5
Press ctrl-t q to quit

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