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Support Information#

All support for PocketBeagle design is through BeagleBoard.org community at BeagleBoard.org forum.

Hardware Design#

Design documentation can be found on the wiki. https://git.beagleboard.org/beagleboard/pocketbeagle/ Including:

Software Updates#

It is a good idea to always use the latest software. Instructions for how to update your software to the latest version can be found at:

Download the latest software files from www.beagleboard.org/distros

Export Information#

RMA Support#

If you feel your board is defective or has issues and before returning merchandise, please seek approval from the manufacturer using beagleboard.org/support/rma. You will need the manufacturer, model, revision and serial number of the board.

Getting Help#

If you need some up to date troubleshooting techniques, the Wiki is a great place to start PocketBeagle wiki.

If you need professional support, check out beagleboard.org/resources.