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Robotics Control LibraryΒΆ

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This package contains the C library and example/testing programs for the Robot Control project. This project began as a hardware interface for the Robotics Cape and later the BeagleBone Blue and was originally called Robotics_Cape_Installer. It grew to include an extensive math library for discrete time feedback control, as well as a plethora of POSIX-compliant functions for timing, multithreading, program flow, and lots more. Everything is aimed at developing robotics software on embedded computers.

This package ships with official BeagleBone images and is focused on, but not excludive to, the BeagleBoard platform. The library and example programs are primarily written in C, however there also exists the RCPY python interface to this package available at

The master branch is always the most current but not necessarily stable. See releases page for older stable versions or install from repositories.

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